Cultural Tours and Excursions

Landscape visit:

The beautiful places which you must visit are:
  • Les 'aiguilles de Bavella' (Bavella needles?) at 1218 meters of altitude : you will find there some nice walk to do.
  • Le 'plateau des Coscione' at 1400meters of altitude where you will find ‘pozzines’, particular flora, sheeps, wide pigs and horses.
  • Scandola Reserve and ‘Calanches de Piana’: you can found boat trips from Propriano which will drive up to this amazing scenery.
Historics places to visit:

Corsica has an interesting prehistoric and antic history to discover. You can visit:
  • The prehistoric and Archeologic Museum of Sartene;
  • Campomoro beach and her Genova tower;
  • The prehistoric sites of Cururuzzu and the Museum of the Alta Rocaa (situated at Levie);
  • The Genova Bridge of ‘Spin’a Cavallu’ on Saint-Lucie-de Tallano direction;
  • The Menhirs and Dolmens of Cauria or Filitosa.

You can also visit:
  • Sartene which is the most typical Corsican town;
  • Sainte Lucie-de-Tallano which has a very special olive oil;
  • Bonifacio and his limestone cliffs;
  • Ajaccio, Napoleon town (‘ville impériale’) where you can visit the ‘Fesh’ Museum of paintings, Napoleon house and go to ‘la pointe de la Parata’ and have a walk to the Genova Tower from where you will appreciate the panoramic view on the ‘îles Sanguinaires



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