Beaches and swimming

Our Beaches:

You love sea and sand, please, enjoy your holiday as, at Propriano and around, you will find many beautiful beaches:
-Propriano, offers from the town center, or only 5 minutes drives, lots of beaches (Chemin des plages, Lido, Arena Bianca, Mancini);
-Campomoro beach: at 16 kilometers from Propriano, follow the D121 until Campomora. You will appreciate the landscape from the road. At Campomoro, you can also visit the tower;
-Portiglio Beach also situated on the D121 road but much closer to Propriano than Campomoro;
-'Olemto Beaches' are beaches situated on the way drive to Porto-Polo;
-Roccapina beach and his Lion Roch: follow the T196 after Sartene. You will enjoy his very white sound and the ‘stange’ Lion Roch.

The River:

For those which prefer freshwater at sea water, they can go to the river:
-The ‘Genova Bridge’ (drive on Sartene direction, then turn left at ‘A Madunina’junction);
-Further on the same direction, the ‘Petit Niagara’ where children will appreciate to slide on naturals toboggans;
-Furthermore on the same direction, pass Saint Lucie-de-Tallano and drive to Zoza where you will find ‘naturals pools’.

Thermals bath:

To have a relaxing moment, you can try the thermals water:
-At Barracci Thermal complex (only 4 kilometers from Propriano);
-At Caldane where there is naturals and rustic baths.
Please, take care as these water are very warm and are not recommended from people which as blood circulation troubles.

And, for those which rather swim in a pool, you will appreciate our sizable swimming pool!



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